Vereinigung der Repräsentanten ausländischer Banken in Deutschland e.V.

Junta Directiva

Klaus von Frieling -

Klaus von Frieling - Presidente

Lawyer, several management and leading positions at foreign banks and Moody's Deutschland.

Currently manager at Hypotheken-Management GmbH and honorary consul of Ireland.

Head of Acquisition
HmcS Group

Ivan Milos -

Ivan Milos - Vicepresidente

Ivan Milos is Director of Zagrebacka banka d.d., Financial Services Department, Frankfurt am Main, previously at Deutsche Bank Group.

Juan-José de Vicente -

Juan-José de Vicente - Vicepresidente

Juan José de Vicente is President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany.
Previously, he was a representative of the Spanish association of savings banks and Cecabank in Germany.

Peter Kraft -

Peter Kraft - Tesorero

Since 2002, Peter Kraft is Head of Credit and procurator of Ziraat Bank International AG, Frankfurt am Main.

Previously, he was Head of Credit and procurator of Deutsch-Türkische Bank AG and Head of Commercial Loans at Isbank GmbH.

Reinhard Heilmaier -

Reinhard Heilmaier - Secretario de Actas

Board Member of KEB Hana Bank (D) AG

Matthias Wolf -

Matthias Wolf - Asesor Jurídico

Matthias Wolf is Attorney at Law, Auditor and tax advisor. His professional focus lies on legal defense of managers in business and criminal law as well as crisis management in the case of inhouse investigations.

Dietmar Birke -

Dietmar Birke - Vocal

Expert on Bank launching, risk controlling, accounting and organisation.

Previously several specialist and management positions in internationally active banks.

Dr. Edith Rigler -

Dr. Edith Rigler - Vocal

Freelancing Consultant. Expert on international payment transactions and banking law.

Previously several managing positions at global banks including Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and HSBC in both the United States, UK, Switzerland and Germany.

Wolfgang Ramthor -

Wolfgang Ramthor - Vocal

Christoph Rosemeyer -

Christoph Rosemeyer - Vocal

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